If you are considering buying or selling a luxury home in Rancho Santa Fe, it is imperative to work with a Realtor who has local expertise and is a proven winner.

Frank Grannis is that Rancho Santa Fe real estate agent.

Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate Agent Frank Grannis

Why Choose Frank Grannis As Your Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate Agent?

The market for luxury homes in Rancho Santa Fe is incredibly competitive, and buyers and sellers each need as much of an advantage as possible.

And it takes a Realtor with the professional background, experience, skills and proven track record of success to provide that competitive advantage.

It can truly mean the difference beween securing the home of your dreams or…not.

Frank Grannis is an award-winning Rancho Santa Fe Realtor (and resident) who has deep community connections, his finger on the pulse, and ear to the ground, of all things related to real estate in The Covenant and surrounding communities.

As he has in prior years, Frank was recently honored by the San Diego Union Tribune and the San Diego Association of Realtors with their 2023 Gold Level Award for dollar volume (based on the previous year’s data).

In addition, Real Trends and America’s Best Real Estate Professionals also recognized Frank for ranking in the Top 1.5% of all real estate agents in the United States for dollar volume.

And while awards and rankings are important in that they serve to prove that he is a successful Rancho Santa Fe real estate agent, they are just one reason why you can feel confident in his abilities.

Equally important to ensuring the certainty of an exceptional experience, should you choose to work with Frank Grannis, can be found in the glowing testimonials that he receives from his past clients.


Client Testimonials

Alexandra and Barry,

“We bought our home with Frank Grannis as our real estate agent and we couldn’t have been more delighted with his performance. 


We choose to work with Frank because in doing our due diligence, it was clear that he had the expertise and professionalism that we were looking for. 


Living out of state at the time, it was imperative that we could partner with someone who knew the market and was willing to put in the day to day effort to not only find the right home, but to also make sure that we secured it. 


Even though we were 1,500 miles away, we felt absolutely comfortable and confident to let Frank take charge. 


He ultimately found us an off-market home that no one knew about that was practically made to order for us. 


An incredible experience. Thank you, Frank!”


“I’ve bought many homes throughout my years and I can say, without a doubt, that Frank Grannis has been the best real estate agent that I have ever worked with. 


He gained my trust almost immediately after we met due to his professionalism, approachable demeanor, and his clear communication of how he was going to help me get the property that I really was wanting.


Frank delivered for me right out of the gate.


I heard stories from others that in this market I should be prepared to make offers on a lot of homes before I might get one to stick. 


I was incredibly pleasantly surprised that Frank was able to do what he did so quickly.”

Chloe and Neil,

I’m writing a review about Frank Grannis to encourage anyone who is thinking of selling their home in Rancho Santa Fe (or anywhere else for that matter) to choose him as their real estate agent.


Like most people, our mailbox was constantly bombarded by real estate agents with their postcards saying how great they were.


When we made the decision to sell our house, I contacted a few of those “postcard agents”, but after each meeting we could tell that they just weren’t bringing much to the table.


Around this time, my husband and I were speaking to friends who had recently sold their property with Frank.


Upon hearing of our frustration, they said what a wonderful experience they had and that we should at the very least give him a call and just talk about things.


Were we ever glad that we reached out to Frank!


From our first conversation on the phone, to our meeting him at our house, Frank blew us away with his knowledge of the market and his reasoned approach to what he felt he could sell our property for.


He had a specific promotional plan and he executed that like he was launching a new product for a Fortune 500 company.


We put all of our trust in Frank and it paid off for us, as we made about $400,000 more than what other Realtors said we would get for our home.


Because he’s just so great at what he does, I strongly urge you to have Frank Grannis sell your home.”

Trust The Experience & Results Of Frank Grannis

Rancho Santa Fe real estate agent (and resident) with extensive local market and community expertise.

Honored by Real Trends and America’s Best Real Estate Professionals for ranking in the top 1.5% of all real estate agents in the United States in dollar volume.

Recognized by the San Diego Association of Realtors and the San Diego Union Tribune with the annual prestigious “Circle of Excellence” Gold Award for dollar volume.

Based on the consistent record of success that Frank Grannis has achieved on behalf of his clients, you can be confident that he will not only help you find the exact home that you are looking for, but you can also trust that he will do everything possible to beat the competiton and ensure that your offer is the one that is accepted.

Contact Frank to schedule a free, no obligation conversation about your buying or selling needs in Rancho Santa Fe.


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