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Choosing the right real estate agent to sell your home is one of the most important decisions that you will make

Our Promise

When you list your home with Frank Grannis, we promise to provide you with the very best results, service and experience in the real estate industry, bar none.

The right real estate agent can mean the difference between your home selling quickly, for even more money than you were expecting or it sitting on the market for months, ultimately selling for less than you ever thought you’d accept.

Sometimes during a “seller’s market”, like it has been in 2021, it is easy for sellers and real estate agents alike to fall into a complacency trap and think that they don’t have to do much to get a home sold.

In such a scenario, a seller may feel that “anyone can do this” and so they let their friend (or a friend of a friend) take their listing or perhaps they search out the lowest bidder. Either way, the seller lets down their guard and doesn’t do their due diligence to research and ensure that their home is listed by a real estate agent with a strong and consistent track record of success.

In this same scenario, some real estate agents take the easy and inexpensive way out when it comes to actively marketing and selling a home.
Just look at some current listings and you’ll see unprofessional photos, no attempt at staging, non-existent marketing and zero personal engagement with buyers and agents (instead just putting the house on a lockbox and turning strangers loose in a home).

While it is true that current conditions favor sellers, at Frank Grannis we don’t take a single thing for granted.
And we certainly don’t shortcut our proven home selling processes.

Because we not only want to sell your home, but we want to do so at the highest possible price, at the best terms for you, and with the most qualified buyer.

We are successful, month in and month out, for a reason.

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